Empowering the Citizen in Society, The Law Belongs to All and must be Denied to None!

About LawBBS.Net

This site is dedicated to the proposition that all citizens should have access to legal resources and knowledge, including especially those attorneys who choose to work regularly with those unable to afford or otherwise without access to private legal counsel.

Technology has now provided the tools that should make access to legal information the right of every citizen. Since the law is the product of our elected public representatives, legal decisions the product of our public judiciary, and our legal rights the basis for our public contract, these laws, decisions, and rights have been fully paid for by those who have built our country and its legal system..

Systems of communication and knowledge can eliminate inefficiencies and inequities in the protection of our rights as citizens. Every citizen deserves a rudimentary understanding of the law and should have access to the fundamental concepts and documents that form the basis for our legal system, including decisions and regulations that affect our lives.